Magnetic Eyelashes Kit: Application tips and Why they are worth the hype

Magnetic Eyelashes Kit: Application tips and Why they are worth the hype

Demystifying Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes have revolutionized the beauty industry, providing a hassle-free alternative to traditional false lashes. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the wonders of magnetic eyelashes, uncovering their benefits, and showcasing the Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Magnetic eyelashes operate on a simple yet ingenious principle. Instead of using traditional glue, these lashes feature tiny magnets along the lash line. The kit typically includes two sets of lashes for each eye—one upper and one lower lash. The magnets on these lashes attract each other, sandwiching your natural lashes between them for a secure hold.

The application process is straightforward: place the upper lash on top of your natural lashes and the lower lash underneath, allowing the magnets to snap together, creating a seamless and natural look. This eliminates the need for messy adhesives and the potential for irritation.

The Benefits of Choosing Magnetic Eyelashes

1. Convenience and Time-Saving

One of the primary advantages of magnetic eyelashes is their convenience. Traditional false lashes often require meticulous application with glue, leading to potential messiness and time-consuming efforts. With magnetic eyelashes, the application process is quicker and more straightforward, making them an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles.

2. Reusable and Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional false lashes that may need replacement after each use due to adhesive residue, magnetic eyelashes are reusable. With proper care, a high-quality set can last for numerous applications, providing a cost-effective alternative in the long run.

3. Comfort and Versatility

Magnetic eyelashes offer a comfortable and lightweight alternative to traditional options. The absence of glue eliminates the risk of irritation for those with sensitive eyes. Additionally, they come in various styles, allowing you to experiment with different looks effortlessly.

4. Natural Appearance

Achieving a natural look with false lashes can be challenging, but magnetic eyelashes offer a seamless blend with your natural lashes. The magnetic bond ensures a secure fit that looks and feels authentic.

The Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Now that we've explored the world of magnetic eyelashes, let's highlight the Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit. Crafted with precision, this kit offers a range of styles to suit various preferences, ensuring a customizable and stunning lash look.

Tips for Using Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

To make the most of your Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit, consider the following tips:

  1. Trim for Perfect Fit: Before applying, trim the lashes to match the length of your natural lash line for a seamless and comfortable fit.

  2. Clean and Care: After each use, gently clean the magnetic lashes to remove any makeup or residue, ensuring their longevity.

  3. Effortless Application Tips:

    • Spend a few minutes practicing without the eyelashes to familiarize yourself with the process.
    • Tilt your head back to create enough space on the eyelid.
    • Firmly press the entire surface of the applicator against the eyelid, aiming for as close to the lash line as possible.
    • With your eye open, press down smoothly in one motion, avoiding blinking or hesitating for the best results.
    • If you need additional guidance or support, reach out to our customer service team at They can provide you with a step-by-step video tutorial from one of our satisfied customers!

How Do I Remove Them?

Removing your magnetic eyelashes is a simple process:

  1. Carefully remove lashes by pulling them off gently.
  2. Clean any residual glue or makeup from the magnets using a non-oily makeup remover. Be sure to clean only the magnets to avoid damaging the lashes.
  3. Keep the lashes safe for future use by storing them in the provided carrying case.


In summary, magnetic eyelashes offer a revolutionary approach to achieving beautiful, voluminous lashes. The Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit stands out as a quality option, providing convenience, comfort, and versatility for users seeking an easy and effective way to enhance their natural beauty.

You can get your kit today!

The Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit is crafted with precision and care to offer a range of styles for a customizable and stunning lash look. Check out the Velisy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit here and elevate your lash game effortlessly.

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