Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream
Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream

Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream

Boost confidence with our gentle formula that safely brightens intimate areas for a radiant, even-toned complexion.

  • Safe, gentle brightening formula
  • Confidence-enhancing results
  • Natural, nourishing ingredientss
  • Evens skin tone effectively
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  • "I've never felt this confident! Luminesse has transformed my intimate areas and given me a radiant glow. Love it!"
     Sophia E. (Dallas, TX)

  • Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream by Velisy

    Achieve a radiant, even-toned complexion in your intimate areas with Velisy's Luminesse Radiant Whitening Cream. Expertly crafted to safely and effectively brighten skin, our formula brings together nature's finest ingredients to provide confidence-enhancing results.

    • Safe, Gentle Brightening: Specifically designed for intimate areas.
    • Natural Nourishment: Infused with all-natural ingredients for holistic care.
    • Effective Skin Tone Evening: Targeted formula to combat uneven skin tone.
    • Bonus eBook: "Skin Care Secrets Uncovered" included to maximize skin health.
    "Luminesse transformed my intimate areas, boosting my confidence. I now flaunt a radiant glow with pride!"
    - Sophia E. (Dallas, TX)

    Rediscover Radiant Confidence with Luminesse

    Don't let uneven intimate skin tone hold you back. Our Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream is the all-natural solution that effectively restores brightness. It is not just a cream, it's a promise to empower you, enabling you to embrace and celebrate your unique beauty.

    Exclusive Bonus: Free eBook with Every Purchase

    Alongside our transformative cream, we share the secrets behind radiant, youthful skin in our exclusive eBook: "From Dull To Dazzling: Skin Care Secrets Uncovered". Learn, apply, and witness the wonders of well-informed skin care. Plus, get our Daily Skincare Journal worksheet to customize your regimen.

    Why Opt for Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream?

    • Gentle Yet Effective: Luminesse ensures a soothing experience with remarkable brightening results.
    • Confidence Restored: Regain self-assuredness with radiant, even-toned skin.
    • Swift, Visible Results: Embrace a noticeable transformation in a short span.
    • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial: Discover Luminesse risk-free for 30 days. Not satisfied? Return it at no cost.

    We're devoted to your satisfaction. That's why our Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream comes with a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If the results don't sweep you off your feet, enjoy a hassle-free refund. CLAIM OFFER

    Nicotinamide (Niacinamide) - This form of vitamin B3 can be obtained from natural sources, but it is also frequently produced in laboratories for incorporation into skincare products.

    Impatiens extract - Derived from the impatiens plant, this natural ingredient is extracted for various uses.

    Citric acid - Originating from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges, this natural ingredient is commonly utilized.

    Sodium hyaluronate - As the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the body, this compound is often created in labs for skincare product applications.

    Water - A naturally occurring ingredient.

    1. Natural Ingredient Blend: Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream is formulated with a powerful combination of plant extracts, working synergistically to rejuvenate and brighten intimate skin.
    2. Skin Metabolism Boost: The cream promotes healthy skin tissue metabolism, supporting natural skin repair and renewal processes.
    3. Balanced & Youthful: Luminesse helps maintain the skin's optimal balance, ensuring that your intimate areas remain plump, smooth, and looking youthful.
    4. Pigmentation Improvement: Our unique formula targets pigmentation issues, reducing dark spots and discoloration, while brightening and whitening the skin.
    5. Deep Moisturization: Luminesse delivers intense hydration, nourishing dry skin and ensuring a soft, supple feel.

    To achieve the best results, apply Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream according to the package instructions, and enjoy the transformation towards a more radiant, confident you.

    Follow these simple steps to get the most out of Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream:

    1. Cleanse: Gently cleanse the intimate area with mild soap and warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel.
    2. Apply: Take a small amount of Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream on your fingertips.
    3. Massage: Gently massage the cream into the intimate area with a circular motion, ensuring even coverage.
    4. Absorb: Allow the cream to fully absorb into the skin before putting on clothes or engaging in any activities.
    5. Sun Protection: Avoid direct sunlight on the treated areas while using Luminesse, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the cream. Use sun protection or cover up if necessary.
    6. Consistency: For best results, apply Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream once or twice daily, as recommended on the package.

    By following these steps consistently, you'll be on your way to experiencing radiant, even-toned, and more confident intimate skin.

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    We love our Velisy™ products and are confident you will too! That’s why we're offering a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you're not in love with your results, we'll give you a refund.

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    3. Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs: If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or allergic reactions while using our skincare products, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional if necessary. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions or complications resulting from the use of our products.
    4. For External Use Only: Our skincare products are intended for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, and open wounds. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
    5. Keep Out of Reach of Children: Store our skincare products out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.
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    💖 30-Day Trial  🌿 Natural 🌟 Fast Results
    Uneven Intimate Skin Tone?
    Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

    Say goodbye to dullness and uneven skin tone with our gentle, yet effective, whitening cream. Achieve a brighter and more youthful appearance on intimate areas without causing irritation. Get confident and comfortable in your own skin with our all-natural formula that delivers quick results!

    Don't let insecurities win
    Discreet and Moisturizing

    Our whitening cream is discreet and easy to apply. In addition to brightening, it also moisturizes and promotes healthy skin. Embrace skin that looks and feels its best with regular use of our whitening cream.

    Radiant Confidence with Luminesse

    Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream is the gentle, all-natural solution that effectively brightens and evens skin tone, restoring your confidence and embracing your true beauty.

    Exclusive Bonus: Free eBook with Every Purchase!

    We believe that the path to radiant, youthful skin isn't just about the products you use; it's about understanding the science behind those products and learning how to use them effectively. That's why we're offering our exclusive eBook, "From Dull To Dazzling: Skin Care Secrets Uncovered" completely free with every purchase.

    Empower yourself with knowledge, uncovering the path to a radiant complexion, and learn to get the most from our products. Plus, you'll receive a Daily Skincare Journal worksheet to help personalize your skincare regimen.

    Why choose Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream?

    Gentle & Effective

    Luminesse is specially formulated with natural ingredients, providing a gentle yet effective brightening experience for your intimate areas.

    Boosts Confidence

    Our Luminesse cream helps you regain your confidence by delivering radiant, even-toned skin

    Quick & Noticeable Results

    Experience the transformative power of Luminesse, as it quickly delivers noticeable results, allowing you to embrace your true beauty sooner.

    30-Day Risk-Free Trial

    Try our Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream risk-free for 30 days and experience the benefits for yourself. If you aren't enjoying it, you can return it for free.


    Jennifer L.
    Verified Buyer
    Los Angeles, CA

    My husband and I absolutely love this product. It really works!!! After trying another product for several months, that didn't work we decided to try this one because it had such great reviews. With in only a few days we noticed a difference. Spots almost gone. Were happy and will buy again.

    Sarah T.
    Verified Buyer
    New York, NY

    I have tried many others. However I can definitely see a difference in my skin after a short time. A couple of darker areas are much lighter. I use it at night and keep my face sun blocked and moisturized during the day.

    Danielle I.
    Verified Buyer
    Chicago, IL

    I was having low expectations due to past experiences with other products. However I have been consistently using it for a week and I can see the dark areas (armpits, intimate areas, and face) are getting lighter. The other surprise is that I did not get any irritations and the skin feels moisturized.

    Jaden E.
    Verified Buyer
    Houston, TX

    I used this product for armpits intimate areas since bikini season is already here in Florida. I was amazed at how quickly my skin lightened up and I had super low expectations. Most creams and serums take forever to work or your skin gets upset from the constant application of these, but I can truly and happily say that no matter how and where this cream was applied, I didn’t once experience irritation!

    Ashley O.
    Verified Buyer
    Philadelphia, PA

    I’ve been purchasing this product for awhile now and never regret it. I’ve always been satisfied each time it leaves my skin feeling soft and bright again. I use this 2x a day morning and night never have any problems I love this product!

    Try Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream Risk Free

    We simply love Luminesse Radiant Intimate Cream and we are confident you will love it too! That’s why we're offering a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you're not in love with its results, we'll give you a refund.

    Rated 4.9/5